Labor-intensive spraying of fruit trees, vineyards, and garden crops was no exception. Choose a traveling sprinkler with us. The mechanical drive simplifies the introduction of pesticides, liquid mineral fertilizers, fungicides, does not require the farmer to stop for pumping (piston or lever) air pressure in the tank. The versatility of mechanical sprinklers allows them to be used for watering garden crops in the dry summer months.


Our assortment includes sprayers of two categories – battery and motorized sprayers.

Portable and mobile mechanized devices for long-range spraying of liquids are structurally similar. The main structural elements are:

  • tank for dissolved fertilizers, pesticides;
  • mechanical drive of the pump or air pump (gasoline engine or electric motor powered by a battery);
  • pressure pipe or telescopic rod with replaceable spray nozzles, nozzles;
  • flexible hose with shut-off valve;
  • additional devices (knapsacks with shoulder straps, safety valves, filters, control devices).

Apparatuses with a gasoline, battery motor are autonomous, do not require connection with hoses to a stationary container, they can be carried or transported without restrictions within the garden plot, orchard field.


  1. Spraying is carried out in the morning, from 7 to 11 o’clock, preferably in the complete absence of wind. If spraying is carried out in hot weather (more than 20-25 degrees), plant burns and rapid evaporation of water-based preparations occur.
  2. It is not recommended to spray vegetation in the rain and early in the morning after dew, since most of the preparations are washed off to the ground and the spraying efficiency will be minimal.
  3. Spraying with chemicals during flowering is strictly prohibited, as it leads to the destruction of bees and other beneficial insects. For the same purpose, it is necessary to remove all flowering weeds before spraying.
  4. During spraying, periodically stir or shake the liquid in the tank of a battery or gasoline sprayer.


When choosing a battery or gasoline drive for spraying plants, trees, shrubs, pay attention to the following criteria:

  1. The cost of the apparatus . In terms of price availability, battery sprayers of Belarusian, Ukrainian, Chinese production are in the lead among all sprayers , which can be bought for 900 – 1200 UAH. More expensive (2000-3000 UAH) are products of the famous Korean brand HYUNDAI, which is equipped with batteries of increased power (up to 10 hours of operation). The lower bounds of prices for petrol sprayers start from UAH 2,500 – 2,800. As the capacity increases, functionality expands, the cost of imported units reaches 4500-7500 UAH.
  2. Required functions . If you need to spray a small vineyard, orchard, vegetable garden, there is no point in buying an expensive motor sprayer. A multifunctional unit with a maximum of spraying methods, increased pressure is needed by farmers working in orchards on fields of at least a hectare.
  3. Operating costs . If you have rural electricity tariffs in your house or dacha, recharging the battery will be cheaper than refueling. The operating costs for gasoline-powered sprayers should also include the cost of engine oil, maintenance, and engine repair.
  4. Complexity of service . Most motor sprayers have a two-stroke engine, therefore, when operating them, it is necessary to pay attention to the quality (correct proportions of gasoline to oil) of the fuel mixture. It is recommended to use A-92 gasoline and certified oils for two-stroke engines. The engine needs constant maintenance, but any auto mechanic can repair the engine. It is even easier to control battery models, the electric motor and the solution pressure are switched on by a push-button lever handle on the bar. Battery power consumption is easily monitored with a built-in voltmeter, flashing LED indicator. A wide neck, convenient for pouring pesticides, is characteristic of all modern designs.
  5. Manufacturer’s reputation . User reviews highly appreciate the design features, ease of use, build quality of the Belarusian brands “Belarusmash”, “Belorus”. The number of reviews about the breakdowns of Forte electric motors has decreased, the Chinese brand has noticeably improved the quality. The proven quality of products of the brands “Dnipro-M”, IRON ANGEL, Procraft, HYUNDAI does not need any special recommendations.
  6. Your physical capabilities . Elderly people, women should not choose motor sprayers with a large tank, the weight of which reaches 20-30 kg when filled. For a small summer cottage with a garden, a vegetable garden, the capabilities of a battery model with a reservoir of 10-12 liters will be enough.

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